A 249 / 250: etext transcription

< a249.txt.1; fragment_extrageneric >
immured in
Heaven - what
a Cell -
< a249.txt.2; fragment_extrageneric >
Undertow of
the Organ -
< a249.txt.3; message-fragment >
With thanks
for my health
I send you
who paid his
Heart for
what his
Eyes ate,
only -
< a249.txt.4; fragment_extrageneric >
Solomon says
that no matter
how often we
dine we are
just ashungry
because the
meat was

<reverse (A 250), paper flipped up from bottom>
killed always -
served - but
Solomon is
a Gourmand
and not to
be believed -
< a250.txt.1; poem >
Lad of Athens
faithful be to
thyself and
mystery -
all the
rest is
perjury -