A 638: etext transcription

< a638.txt.1; letter >
Ned will
ask his
perusal of
this "Scarlet
Letter", whose
postage is
a Solstice -

<reverse (A 638a), paper flipped over right and rotated one-quarter turn left>
< a638.txt.2; fragment_extrageneric >
We do not think
enough of the
Dead as Exhili
rants - they are
not dissuaders
but Lures -
Keepers of that
great Romance
still to us fore
closed - while
we Envy their
wisdom we ~de~
Coveting their wis
dom we lament
their silence
Grace is still
a secret -
That they have Existed - none
can take away
That they still Exist is a trust so daring

<reverse (A 638), paper flipped over right and rotated one-quater turn left>
we thank thee that
thou hast hid these
things from us
and hast
revealed them to them -
the power and
the glory are the
post mortuary