A 833: etext transcription

< a833.txt.1; letter_with_poems_embedded_and_enclosed >
Dear friend -
you for the
kindness -
I am glad
if the Bird
seemed true
to you -
Please Efface
the others and
receive these
three, which are
more like him -
a Thunder -
Storm - a Humming
Bird - and a

<second leaf (A 833a)>
Country Burial -
The Life of
Marian Evans
had much
I never knew -
a Doom of
Fruit without the
Bloom, like the
Niger Fig -
Her Losses make
our Gains ashamed -
She bore Life's
Empty Pack
As gallantly as
if the East
Were swinging
at her Back -
Life's Empty

<second sheet, first leaf (A 833b)>
Pack is heaviest,
As every Porter
knows -
In vain to
punish Honey -
It only sweeter
grows -

<third sheet, first leaf (A 833c)>
< a833.txt.2; poem >
The Wind begun
to rock the Grass
With threatening
Tunes and low -
He threw a Menace
at the Earth -
Another, at the
Sky -
The Leaves
unhooked themselves
from Trees
And started
all abroad -
The Dust did
scoop itself like

<third sheet, second leaf (A 833d)>
And throw away
the Road -
The Wagons
quickened on the
The Thunder
hurried slow -
The Lightning
showed a yellow
And then a
livid Claw -
The Birds put
up the Bars
to Nests -
The Cattle
clung to Barns -

<fourth sheet, first leaf (A 833e)>
Then came one
Drop of Giant
And then as
if the Hands
That held the
Dams, had
parted hold,
The Waters
wrecked the Sky,
But overlooked
My Father's House,
Just quartering
a Tree

<fifth sheet, first leaf (A 833f)>
< a833.txt.3; poem >
A Route
of Evanescence,
With a revolving
Wheel -
A Resonance
of Emerald
A Rush of
Cochineal -
And Every
Blossom on the
Adjusts its'
tumbled Head -
The Mail
from Tunis - prob-

<fifth sheet, second leaf (A 833g)>
An Easy
Morning's Ride -

<sixth sheet, first leaf (A 833h)>
< a833.txt.4; poem >
Ample make
this Bed -
Make this
Bed with Awe -
In it wait till
Judgment break
Excellent and Fair -
Be its' Mattrass
straight -
Be its' Pillow
round -
Let no Sunrise ~ '~
yellow noise
Interrupt this