A 847: etext transcription

< a847.txt.1; letter >
Dear friend -
I thank
you with wonder -
Should you ask
me my comprehen-
sion of a starlight
Night, Awe were
my only reply -
and so of the
mighty Book -
It stills, incites,
infatuates - blesses
and blames in one -
Like Human Af-
fection, we dare
not touch it, yet
flee, what else remains?

<second leaf (A 847a)>
But Excuse me -
I know but
little - Please tell
me how it might
seem to you -
How vast is the
chastisement of
Beauty, given us
by our Maker!
A Word is
inundation, when
it comes from
the Sea -
Peter took the
Marine Walk
at the great
risk -
E. Dickinson -