A 887: etext transcription

< a887.txt.1; message-fragment >
With the trust that the
little Citizen is already
a patriot I send him
the national Colors,
or such of them as
I can find, for hues
just now are few -
so minute a Veteran
will possibly
Excuse them -

<reverse (A 887a)>
< a887.txt.2; fragment_extrageneric >
Is not the Election
of a Daphne much ~ more~
more signal than
that of a President -
for Beauty needs no
Magistrates and ~ for~
Ecstasy is it's only
mob - is a hushed
< a887.txt.3; fragment_s_extrageneric >
How inval-
uable to be
for by that
means one
has all in
and it is
such an
Ecstasy -
mation is
the hurry
of fools, Exhilaration of fools
but Expec
tation the
Elixir of
the Gods -
a prey to