BPL Higg 86: etext transcription

< bplhigg86.txt.1; letter >
Dear friend.
We must
be less than
Death, to be
lessened by it -
for nothing is
but Ourselves.
I am glad
you are better.
I had feared
to follow you,
lest you would
rather be lonely,
which is the
will of Sorrow -

<verso, first leaf (BPL Higg 86)>
but the Papers
had spoken
of you with
deference, and
to know you
were deeply
might not
too intrude.
To be human
is more than
to be divine,
for when
Christ was
divine, he was
uncontented till

<second leaf (BPL Higg 86)>
he had been
I remember
nothing so
strong as to
see you -
I hope you
may come -
Thank you
for telling
me of your
I had wanted
to know -
She reminded
me of
Thermopylae -

<verso, second leaf (BPL Higg 86)>
Did she suffer -
Except to
leave you?
That was
perhaps the
Sum of Death -
For the Hand
I was never
permitted to
take, I Enclose
my own, and
am tenderly
Her's -

Shall I keep
the Paragraph,
or is it too