Ms Am 1118.10 (6): etext transcription

< whitney.txt.1; letter >
Dear friend, I have
thought of
you often
since the
Darkness - though
we cannot
assist Another's
Night -

<verso, first leaf (Whitney)>
I have hoped
you were saved -
That he has
received Immor-
tality, who so
often conferred
it - invests it
with a more
sudden Charm -
<second leaf (Whitney)>
I hope you may
remember me, as
I shall always
mingle you
with our
Mr Bowles -
Affection gropes
through Drifts
of Awe, for

<verso, second leaf (Whitney)>
his Tropic Door -
I hope you
have the power
of Hope,and
that Every Bliss
we know or
guess - hourly
befalls you. E. Dickinson -