Document Constellations

The document constellations below take as their points of departure Dickinson's trace and variant fragments among the primary texts featured in this archive, and show the texts to which they are related. Document constellations exhibit a marked centrifugal tendency that has not been fully represented here; that is, the more closely one considers the relations among documents, the more relations one discovers. Here, while the relations between Dickinson's fragments and the "target" documents in which they reappear in part or entire as traces are specified, the relations between the "target" documents in the constellations and other documents in Dickinson's oeuvre have not been specified unless they are also directly related to the fragments. In the future the document constellations given here may be extended to represent the complex relations among all of the documents—fragments and "target" texts—in a given constellation and between these documents and all of the documents that make up Dickinson's oeuvre. See also: "Index of Trace Fragments" ; "Index of Documents Carrying Alternate Versions of Fragments" ; "Index of Documents Carrying Poems, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings Related to the Fragments." For a discussion of some aspects of the constellation in which A 821 appears, see "'Most Arrows': Autonomy and Intertextuality in Emily Dickinson's Late Fragments."